Bellingham’s LaserPoint makes industrial metal signage simple

Companies throughout Whatcom County and beyond turn to Laserpoint Awards & Promotional Solutions when they need metal signage. From wayfinding signs to equipment tags to personal metal name badges, LaserPoint is one of the few companies in or near Bellingham with the equipment to do this type of metal engraving. Watch the process in action in the video below.

LaserPoint’s top-of-the-line Epilog laser engraving machine allows for the quick and precise production of a wide variety of metal signage. The machine can produce top-quality engraving, embossing and etching, depending on the look the customer is trying to achieve.

Need metal signage? Look at
what LaserPoint
has to offer.

LaserPoint has engraved everything from metal signs detailing the use of complicated industrial machinery to office door labels. Anything in the business that needs to be personalized can probably be engraved: desk name plaques, special safety signs, name tags and more.

In fact, given the capabilities of LaserPoint’s equipment — after all, the machine is precise enough to engrave paper without burning it and strong enough to engrave stainless steel business signs — the sky’s the limit as far as what can be done. Not only can LaserPoint produce stainless steel equipment tags, for example, but it can also create artistic signage that can match company branding characteristics such as typefaces. Other ideas include business cards, dog tags, cat collars, coasters and many more.

Does your business have a need for stainless steel equipment tags that detail a particular machine’s ID number, date of manufacture, weight rating, model number and more? LaserPoint can handle it. Don’t worry if you’ve got a pre-set equipment tag that needs engraving in exact places; Randy at Laserpoint can plug the dimensions into his computer and ensure that the text is engraved in exactly the proper spots.

Do you find that your business is constantly going through exterior wayfinding or branding signage — building numbers, restroom identifiers, directional markers, etc. — that can’t withstand the ravages of Pacific Northwest winters? LaserPoint can create aluminum or stainless steel signage that will outlast traditional plastic or cardboard signs.

Give LaserPoint a call today to discuss how we can help meet your company’s metal signage needs. We’re here to help.

“LaserPoint is the only local company with the ability to make a permanent black mark on stainless steel, by drawing the carbon right out of it,” says Larry Cross, Bellingham’s engraving expert here at LaserPoint. Check out the process in action in this video of Larry marking a stainless steel tag for an excavator bucket.