Top 6 promo items your business can give during the holidays

Silver bells, silver bells… Believe it or not, Christmas is just over two months away. And that means Whatcom County businesses that share gifts during the holiday season had better start planning soon. Whether you’re looking to purchase customer relations gifts for your best clients, customized employee gifts or special treats for vendors and volunteers, there’s no easier way to…read more →

Bumbershoots are for cool people

If you’ve spent any time in the Pacific Northwest that wasn’t during the height of summer, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the legendary glory of PNW rain. You’ve also probably been told that the cool kids don’t use umbrellas. The old saying goes like this: In the rain, native Washingtonians simply flip up the hood of their North Face jacket, hunch their…read more →

5 ways to use custom banners for small business marketing

Small business marketing can be difficult in Whatcom County. We’re our own breed of person up here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re simultaneously tech savvy and laid back, with one foot in the future and one foot in history. So how can you simply and effectively reach these people? With customized signs and banners of course. They’re a simple, old-school…read more →

Promotional items for summer events in Whatcom County

Are you as ready for the summer event season as we are? There will be fun opportunities to get outside and enjoy the sunshine during nonprofit walk-a-thons, corporate picnics, golf tournaments and even local car shows. Maybe your employees participate in the Ski to Sea Race, or maybe you’ll have an info booth at Dog Days of Summer, or perhaps…read more →

Jazz up your employees or any event with custom apparel

Branded apparel is a great way for businesses to advertise and showcase their company on a daily basis. Whether you’re a retail business looking for a streamlined look for all sales associates, or if you’re a local plumbing company wanting repair techs to look professional and instantly recognizable when they show up at your customer’s door—LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions…read more →

How to prepare for your booth at the 2016 BIAWC Home & Garden Show

The 2016 Whatcom County Home & Garden Show takes place March 4, 5 & 6 at the NW Washington Fairgrounds in Lynden. Here at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions we are busy helping local Whatcom and Skagit small businesses prepare! Some popular items marketers are asking for to give away at the show this year are: bags, lip balm, notebooks, scratch tickets…read more →

Environmentally-friendly promotional items

Did you know the variety and availability of eco-friendly promotional products has greatly increased in the last year or so? We think this a very good thing for companies around Whatcom County who are interested in promoting their business while also helping protect the environment. At LaserPoint Awards we’re excited to see terms like biodegradable, organic, recycled and sustainable used…read more →