Bumbershoots are for cool people

umbrella-1If you’ve spent any time in the Pacific Northwest that wasn’t during the height of summer, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the legendary glory of PNW rain.

You’ve also probably been told that the cool kids don’t use umbrellas.

The old saying goes like this: In the rain, native Washingtonians simply flip up the hood of their North Face jacket, hunch their shoulders and plow onward. Only California transplants and the tragically unhip whip out their umbrellas.

Well, we’re here to tell you that isn’t true. It’s an urban myth. Umbrellas are OK to use in Bellingham, WA, and there are two simple reasons why: They’re practical and cool.

There’s no need to show up to a meeting looking like an angry cat after a bath just to follow some imaginary PNW credo. There’s no need to spend all day soaking wet in class or at work just to appear hip.

Rain is an inevitability in the Northwest, but so is practicality. We’re hardy, down-to-earth people who wear sturdy boots, don rain-resistant clothing and carry bumbershoots. Heck, Seattle has an entire music festival devoted to the ubiquitous PNW umbrella. Practical and cool.

That said, here are five promotional umbrellas we love:

The Seattle Umbrella: Make a new friend at the bus stop by sharing this sturdy, stylish umbrella that’s proven to keep the water away. Even works well on those sideways-rain days.
The Classic Umbrella: We love this umbrella for its traditional look. It features automatic opening and closing with a beautiful curved wooden handle.umbrella-2
The Sporty Umbrella: Stand out in a crowd with this beauty. It comes in easy-to-spot colors, such as bright pink, green and yellow.
The Fierce Umbrella: You knew we had to throw this one out there. What good is an umbrella in the Northwest if it can’t handle the wind? This one can. And it comes in two tones, for an elegant look.
The Fashion Umbrella: Whatcom County hotels have been ordering a lot of umbrellas lately to help keep their guests dry, and here’s one reason why. This fashion umbrella looks good in the rack or on the street. And, of course, it keeps you dry. What’s cooler than that?

Looking for the perfect bumbershoot for you or your business? Give LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions a call, and we’ll help you find one to customize with your company’s branding colors and logo.


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