Five quirky promo products you probably didn’t know existed

When it comes to marketing, are you the traditional type? Or do you often eschew the usual methods for something quirky, fun and uniquely you?

If you’re the latter, this post is for you. Amid the more standard marketing products that LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions can deliver are a handful of rather interesting and funky promotional items. You just might discover one that perfectly fits your company’s personality!

To the list:

Webcam cover: Do you like your privacy? Well, then you need this little guy staring at you over the top of your laptop. Seriously, though, this Privacy Guy Webcam Cover is a great promo item for the security-conscious, because it provides a useful service — covering and protecting the laptop camera — while keeping your business name and logo front and center.

Automatically retracting pen: We’ll file this one under quirky but tooootally useful. Here’s how it works: When you remove this pen from its handy lanyard, the pen tip automatically extends so it’s ready for writing. And when you reconnect it, voila! The tip retracts. This pen is always around when you need it, and you don’t have to fear random and unsightly ink stains all over your clothing.

Travel mug with removable handle: Vacuum-insulated coffee mugs are great, but let’s be honest: They’re not always easy to hold. The Odin EZGrip Kit solves that problem. A sleek, brandable tumbler is included, but the high point of this kit is the removable handle that grips the mug securely and, consequently, allows the user to grip the mug securely as well. Talk about form AND function.

Multicolor finger lights: Have you ever wished you could knit scarves and beanies at night without waking your spouse? No? Well, you can anyway, with these handy lights. Colors include white, red, green and blue. Go on, throw a knitting disco party!

Multi-message plastic brain: It’s just what it sounds like, actually. This plastic brain opens in several different ways to provide a handful of different messages. It sounds weird, sure, but it can actually be a fun and useful way to deliver such messages as ways that drugs hurt the brain, or warning signs of dementia, reasons to wear a bicycle helmet, etc.

See anything that catches your eye? Great! Give us a call. And even if none of these items fits with your business branding, that’s OK too. LaserPoint can deliver thousands of different promotional products for your Whatcom County business, on time and with no hassle. Just get in touch.


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