Get ready to celebrate your best employees

Ask anyone in the business world, and they’ll tell you that employees perform better when they feel appreciated. No doubt you’ve seen this yourself: When employees feel that their work is important and that they’re valued as people, both the quality of their work and their satisfaction with their jobs can be dramatically better.

One drawback, though, is that awards can get kind of stale — and if nobody wants them, nobody’s working hard to earn them.

Is it time, then, to shake up your year-end employee awards? Here are a few ideas.Artistically Inspired Gold Brush Art Plaques

Create your own Oscars and Emmys. If you don’t have custom recognition awards in place already, now would be a good time to create a few huge, company-wide awards that employees will be proud to get — and vying with each other to earn — at the year-end awards ceremony. Think of something big, like your own version of the Emmy or Oscar: Employee of the Year, Top Company Performer, etc. For inspiration, check out some of the awards in our job shop.

For fun, go unique. Some companies think outside the box for special year-end awards that reflect on the company culture. While the Employee of the Year and Most Inspirational awards will always be important, why not add in some others that are unique to your workplace? For example, we’ve heard of a Biggest Life Disruption Award for the employee who sacrificed the most in the past year. We’ve also seen a Biggest Mistake Award as a fun way of learning from past errors and moving on.

Keep it simple … and personal. Nothing says appreciation like a handwritten note of gratitude. Because notes take time to write, and because they require the personal attention of the owner, boss or manager doing the writing, they’re one of the most heartfelt and impactful ways to say “good job.” A handwritten note, paired with a custom promotional item (t-shirt, insulated travel mug, company jacket) is a solid way to show appreciation.

Match awards to your company’s mission. Do you strive to offer the best possible customer service? Then why not reward those employees who go above and beyond to ensure customers are treated well? You could also offer awards for greatest impact on the bottom line, best contributor at meetings or most insightful improvement. Motivate employees to do well in areas that are important to your business.

Ask your employees. Do you know how your employees want to be recognized? As part of your hiring or annual review processes, consider asking employees what it is that helps them feel valued at work. When you reward them in ways that they like the most, there’s little risk of year-end awards not being appreciated. Even more important, your employees will feel appreciated, too. Instead of a traditional award, perhaps they’d love something personal and useful, like a custom-engraved pen or wine tool set.

Check out the massive array of customizable awards available from LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions. If what you find there doesn’t tickle your fancy, please give us a call, and we’ll help you out.


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