Great pens: the promo gift everyone wants

Nearly nine in 10 Americans owns a branded pen. That’s more than the people who have branded drinkware, bags and T-shirts, making pens the most popular promotional item there is.

All of that ownership means a lot of impressions, naturally. Pens boast a cost per impression of just one-tenth of a penny, meaning that every $1 spent on branded pens nets a return of 1,000 impressions, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2019 study of ad impressions.

For small businesses concerned about getting the most for their money, those are incredible numbers. Customers love promo items — they’re two-and-a-half times as likely to appreciate promo items as Internet ads, for example — and when a promo gift is useful, they hang on to it for a long time.

To stretch your advertising dollars as far as possible, branded pens are an excellent marketing idea.

Here at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions, we tell companies all the time that if you write anything at all, you need pens with your name on them. And not just any pen, but a great pen. Great pens don’t have to be expensive, either; pen companies nowadays are making very smooth ink, and a 49-cent pen can be amazing.

We were out to dinner the other day at a restaurant here in Whatcom County, and when we received our bill, we were handed one of our own LPA pens for the signature. When the waitress saw us eyeing the pen, she blurted out, “Don’t take my pen! I love that pen!”

Of course, we went straight out to the car and grabbed a handful to give to her. (Lesson: Once you get your company-branded pens, take some with you everywhere you go!)

The pens we use here at LaserPoint have fraud-resistant ink, which can’t be washed off. That’s great for checks and prescriptions, and it’s also good for situations in which rain might smudge your writing. Believe me, these pens write wonderfully! Why do you think the waitress loved them so much?

Hundreds of promo pen choices are available, but we’ve selected five promotional pens that you might want to look at, starting with the ones we use:

Mateo Pen: These pens feature shimmering metallics with black and chrome accents. They have an ergonomic contoured shape and rubber grip for writing comfort. The grip includes a seam-stitching detail that gives the look of leather. This pen features supersmooth-writing black hybrid ink, but blue ink also is available.

Fusion 5-in-1 Work Pen: It’s a lot more than just a pen. Not only does it write, it also includes a textured grip, pocket clip, spirit level, 3-inch ruler, small reversible Phillips and flathead screwdriver bit and capacitive stylus that works with touchscreen devices like phones, tablets and laptops.

BIC Clic Stic Pen: These classic colorful pens make great promo products because they’re inexpensive and come in 600 possible color combinations to match just about any company’s branding colors. That’s why they’re the most popular retractable pen in promotional products.

Precise V5 Roller Ball Pen: Did you know these pens were brandable? Longtime favorites for their precise 0.5-mm point and long-lasting ink supply, these rollerball pens come in blue and black ink. These promo pens promise to be popular among customers who appreciate quality and precision.

Bic Grip Roller Pen: These roller-ball pens come with fast-drying ink for clean, precise writing. The removable cap has a nickel-plated clip, and the writing portion has a comfortable textured rubber grip. This 0.7-mm pen comes in nine different color combinations, with either blue or black ink available in each.

To get started ordering any of these wonderful promo pens for your Bellingham or Whatcom County business — or to learn about the hundreds of other brandable pen options available — reach out to us at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions. We’re happy to help!