Half of all U.S. consumers carry a branded bag

It’s no secret that most shoppers are cost-conscious. So it should be no surprise that they like free stuff, especially if it’s useful.

And when it comes to useful, you just can’t beat a reusable bag. Anytime you need to carry something, be it groceries or gym clothes, reusable bags are at your service.

That’s why promotional bags of all size can be a win – both for consumers and for businesses.

Half of all U.S. consumers carry a branded bag of one kind or another, and promotional bags generate more impressions (more than 5,700 each!) than any other promo item. This according to a recent industry study.

Here are five types of promotional bags we think consumers will use over and over, putting eyeballs on your company’s name and logo every time.

bagsShopping bag: Especially in Bellingham, WA where plastic shopping bags have been banned and paper bags cost money. Reusable bags are all the rage, as shopping bags are a necessity. This environmentally friendly bag is washable, reusable and recyclable, and that’s important to Whatcom County shoppers.

Drawstring sports bag: These drawstring bags are popular among youths who are into sports. They also work great as travel bags and can be useful for shopping, too, especially in situations where you need your hands free.

Insulated cooler bag: These handy little bags are fantastic at keeping things cool. Those with small kids in the home use them often for bottles, lunches and snacks when they’re out and about. Paired with a reusable ice pack, these bags also work well at keeping your lunch cool while you’re traveling to work.

Die-cut document bag: Any time you have a lot of information to leave with your customers, these die-cut plastic bags are perfect and they are recyclable! Ideal for letter-sized brochures and flyers, these lightweight bags are reusable and could see new life down the road as small shopping bags. They are awesome for sharing info with tradeshow attendees.

paperbagPaper bag: Natural Kraft paper bags come in a variety of sizes, from small versions that hold one bottle of wine to these big 16-inch-by-12-inch bags with twisted paper handles. Made from 100-percent recycled content, these bags are eminently useful. Whatever you need to carry — groceries, take-out, wine, whatever — there’s probably a paper bag that can help.

Feel free to browse our selection for bags that might work for your business.  And if the 300-plus types of promotional bags LaserPoint Awards offers seems daunting, just give us a shout! We’ll help you narrow down your options and find the right bag for the customers you have in mind.


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