Hot right now in promo marketing: gifts for animal lovers

More than half of Americans households contain a pet, and owners are spending more on their beloved animals than ever. By 2020, analysts say, the U.S. pet industry is expected to reach $96 billion in sales.

What does that mean for small businesses in Bellingham and Whatcom County? For starters, it means that one way to build relationships with potential customers is through their love for animals.

With that in mind, here are five super-helpful, pet-focused promotional products to consider in your marketing efforts this year:

Pawfect Pet Food Scooper: The beauty of this pet food scoop is that it’s something that most pet owners need but that few are willing to buy. Get this scoop in the hands of the right people and it’s something they’ll be using every single day. This dishwasher-safe scoop is marked with ½-cup and 1-cup measurements. A large area on the handle is reserved for logo placement.

Folding Dog Bowl: Perfect for pet owners who enjoy camping, hiking and just generally spending time outdoors, this watertight dog bowl folds flat and includes a carabiner for clipping to a dog leash. You can also get it packaged with a waste bag dispenser and dog bandana for a complete dog-lovers care package.

Dog Pickup Bag Dispenser: Speaking of bag dispensers, this is a must-carry item for dog owners in the Pacific Northwest. Shaped like a dog bone and available in black, white, red and blue, the dispenser holds 15 bags and includes a carabiner for clipping to a dog leash.

Pet Food Can Lid: Whether it’s from mixing wet and dry dog food or simply owning a pet who doesn’t eat a ton at each meal, half-empty cans of dog food can present a hassle for pet owners. That’s why this simple lid is such a handy device. (Handy means useful, and useful means your business logo is gettinglooked at a LOT.) It comes in black, green, red, blue, white and yellow. Package it with a scoop and dog bowl for a meal-themed gift for customers.

Zip Tote Dog First Aid Kit: Here’s another item people don’t often buy for themselves but are thankful they have when they need it. This first aid kit for dogs includes a gauze roll, scissors, tweezers, gloves, first aid tape, two gauze pads and two antiseptic towelettes.

To order any of these items for trade show promotions or customer relations gifts, or to discover more promo ideas for animal lovers, visit our online catalogue.



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