Ideas to inspire: a few fun new promo products hot on the market

What a trip! There’s nothing like a good industry trade show to inspire you to do bigger and better things in the months ahead.

One thing we love about the annual Promotional Products Association International expo in Las Vegas is that there is inspiration at every booth and great ideas around every corner. It’s the biggest show of the year, bringing more than 12,000 distributors and 4,000 businesses under one roof.

What does that mean for you? Ideas, and lots of them. Let’s get to it:

Wireless charging pads: Wireless cellphone chargers are getting more popular every year, as more and more phones (including the latest iPhones) are outfitted with the technology. Tech-savvy businesses — or businesses with tech-savvy clientele — can get into the action with fully brandable chargers that customers will make great use of (and see every day, which is what you want out of promotional products).

Funky sweaters: The ugly Christmas sweater craze has gotten so popular that it’s now easy to customize your own holiday sweater. Of course, these sweaters are good for more than just the holidays. Imagine these on all of your office staff! Buy these Waldo sweaters as fun team uniforms, or customize your own sweaters for even more fun.

Fancy shopping bags: Reusable shopping bags have become so popular that they don’t exactly stand out any longer. That’s a great thing, because it means millions of plastic bags are kept out of the waste stream. For the promotional industry, it also means that neat bags like these are seen more and more often. They’re cool, trendy and meant to last.

Speckled paint: Speaking of taking things up a notch, check out the speckled paint on these travel mugs. It transforms an eminently useful promo item into something even better: a useful promo item that’s both classic and hip.

Washable paper bags: The environment took a step forward when reusable bags made from post-consumer plastic became a thing. Even better, though, are these fully washable paper bags. Customers will love their practicality and environmental friendliness.

If any of these items grabs your attention — or if you’re wondering what other new products might be the next big thing in product marketing — give the experts at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions a call. They know what’s big in the market, and they know what works in Bellingham.



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