Imprinting Methods


Embroidery is the process of stitching a logo onto a garment. This is done via sophisticated computerized equipment which embroiders each logo according to a digitized embroidery pattern. Common items for embroidery: Sweatshirts, Caps, Golf Shirts, Jackets.

Note: We do not offer contract embroidery services (i.e., we only embroider on our own products)

Screen Printing

Screen Printing applies your corporate message directly onto the products’ surface by pushing ink through a fine mesh screen. This is a cost effective process with excellent visibility.

Common items for silk screening: T-shirts, Basic Sweatshirts, Bags

Note: We do not offer contract screen printing services (i.e., we only screen print on our own products).


Debossing Refers to the depression of an image into a material such as paper, leather metal, or plastic, so that the image sits below the product surface.
Embossing is the exact opposite of debossing. An embossed logo rises from the metal or leather.

Common items for debossing / embossing: leather folios, metal key chains

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving Your logo attains a refined elegant look with engraving. The logo is carved directly onto the product surface using a laser. The even and clean lines create a novel and detailed logo. Please contact us about engraving on your products.

Common items for laser engraving: Acrylic awards, tools, pens, flashlights

Pad Printing

Pad Printing Your corporate message is etched into a plate where ink is then applied. A soft silicone pad is pressed down onto the plate then reapplies the image directly to the product. Advantages include image detail, excellent registration of color and ability to print contoured and textured surfaces.

Common items used in pad printing: Golf Balls, clocks, thermometers


Permapatch This process provides a high resolution digital imprint affixed to a molded rubber base. Printed on a vinyl material, your logo is UV protected and water resistant. It is bonded to a polycarbonate laminate and secured to a rubber base that permanently bond to the product

Common items used in Permapatch: Bags, coolers, tote bags