In business, be sure you’re rewarding your top-notch employees

Bellingham business owners and managers: What are you doing to show your employees how much you appreciate their great work?

Research has shown that while recognition is important, some employee award programs can actually de-motivate valuable team members.

How can employee awards backfire?

In an effort to inspire lower-performing employees, many companies start programs that give extra incentives for those workers. But in the process, the workers who already are doing an excellent job can feel that their history of top-notch work is underappreciated. Maybe employees feel they should have won the award or that the program is skewed to reward the previously lazy.

What’s the solution?

Randy from LaserPoint uses two hands to hold a giant trophy.

For that extra-special employee.

Here’s what one professor who’s been researching the issue of employee motivation recently told Business News Daily:

“To be effective, companies offering award programs need to consider not only the group they are targeting, such as those that are coming late to work, but also those that are already doing the right thing, as there is a possibility of demotivating some of their best employees.”

Smart business owners know that keeping good employees happy — recognizing good employees who “are already doing the right thing” — is important to long-term business success. This is why regularly rewarding high-performing employees is a key fixture of many Whatcom County businesses.

These businesses are using plaques, trophies and other employee awards as a way of recognizing the great work that team members already are doing — they’re making sure that their employees know that their great work is vital for business success.

A recognition plaque for a volunteer firefighter from Ferndale.

A recognition plaque for a volunteer firefighter in Ferndale.

The beauty of plaques, trophies and custom engraving is that employers can make the awards about anything at all — great attendance, positive attitude, cost-saving ideas, etc. LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions has a full line of awards available — acrylic awards, metal plaques, custom gifts, marble and more — plus, we do custom laser engraving.

Business owners, as you’re considering how to motivate workers in your Whatcom business, remember that success starts and ends with your best employees. Make sure that your valued team members know how much you appreciate their work.


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