Laser engraving: What is it, and what is it good for?

Simply put, laser engraving is the use of a high-heat laser to remove surface material from an object. Because engraving machines are precisely computer-controlled, the patterns they can cut range from simple lettering (to mark a name on a watch or iPad, for example) to complex images (such as engraving a photograph into a wooden plaque).

We can do custom engraving for special gifts. Scroll down to watch us engrave this watch.

Sounds cool, right? Even better, most talented engravers — like Randy Cross from LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions — can engrave just about anything.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Awards: From Little League baseball trophies to Employee of the Month awards to congratulations plaques for industrial safety records, LaserPoint can handle it — brass, glass, plastic and acrylic (and just about everything in between).
  • Mementos: We’ve been engraving a lot of watches lately. It’s a simple process that adds a durable reminder, whether it’s in celebration of a milestone or in commemoration of a specific event or date. Scroll down for a simple video of a recent watch we engraved. If you have something that means something to you and you want to mark the occasion, give us a call. We can make it happen. Baseball from the state tourney? No problem. Laptop to identify it if stolen? Sure, we can do that. Wine glasses from your wedding? Of course! Oh, and by the way: Custom-engraved knives make amazing and long-lasting gifts!
  • Signs, decals and labels: LaserPoint has engraved everything from metal signs detailing the use of complicated industrial machinery to office door labels. Anything in your business that needs to be personalized can probably be engraved: desk name plaques, special safety signs, name tags and more. Other ideas: Business cards, dog tags and collars, coasters … there are so many possibilities!

Randy Cross at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions is Whatcom County’s laser-engraving expert. If you need it engraved, give him a call. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Randy’s your man. Reach out to him with your project idea — or to brainstorm possibilities — and he’ll make it happen!


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