LaserPoint: A story of friendship, tenacity and thankfulness

We’ve been in business for a long time at LaserPoint Awards and Promotional Solutions, and near the end of every year, we find ourselves looking back at the time we’ve been able to spend together as husband and wife serving the wonderful Bellingham and Whatcom County communities.

To celebrate the community and to express our thankfulness for all you do to help keep us in business, we (Kathy and Randy) put together this short Q&A. We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about us!

Kathy and Randy Cross were awarded Business of the Year from the Bellingham / Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and Industryin 2016.

Q: What do you hope are the main takeaways that customers have from their interactions with you?

A: That we care. That if we can do it for you, we will! We hear from so many customers that other companies they went to before us just gave them the “no.” We want our customers to be successful, so we are here to give them the best choices and ideas and to meet deadlines. If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you. So important.

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting a business?

A: Don’t give up. Talk to others in business. Find a mentor. We all had growing pains and we learned a lot from other businesses on how to get through difficult situations.

Q: What have you learned from your mistakes/failures in business? What have you learned from your successes?

A: We failed at a business right before LaserPoint, which led to LaserPoint! We got involved with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at WWU, and we had a mentor who asked us difficult questions on how our new business would actually work. Often, entrepreneurs have great ideas but need someone to ask the tough questions — questions like “Who is your customer?” or “What about funding for the business?” or “How will you grow the business in the community?” It was a real eye-opener, and they were questions that needed to be asked. So, failures can lead to success if you learn from them!

Randy and Kathy, on the far right, presenting a Bellingham/Whatcom County Chamber MVP award.

Q: Look back at the many years you’ve been in business together as a husband and wife. What are five things you’re thankful for in that time? Why?

A: We’re thankful that we work together, yet in different areas, to grow our business. We’re thankful for all the amazing people we have met because of our business. We’re thankful that we can help people out when they’re under a deadline, and we can help them leave smiling. We’re thankful that we can give back to our community and the passions that we have — low-income and homeless youth and veterans.

When LaserPoint helps provide awards and recognition items to people like you in our community, your celebrations become our celebrations, too. And when we help your business get its name out through promotional products in Bellingham or Lynden or anywhere else, we’re honored to play a small part in your business lives. It is a true joy to be able to serve you.

Thanks again, Whatcom County, for letting LaserPoint help you and your families all these years! We are forever grateful.


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