Liven up your brand with screen-printed apparel

Sharp? That’s one way to put it. Classy and professional would be other good descriptions.

Lately, LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions has produced quite a few screen-printed apparel items for Whatcom and Skagit County businesses, and the result has been an increase in the number snazzy-looking employees in town.

Just look at these two recent examples:

  • The folks at SPIE, an international society for optics and photonics, had an idea to present their team on a T-shirt looking like the hardcore scientists they are, decked in the tools of their trade: lab coats and safety glasses. All it took was a graphic and a call to LaserPoint, and the result is a top-quality promotional shirt that increases the visibility of SPIE in the Whatcom County community.
  • Another example is Bellingham’s Wood Stone, makers of quality commercial ovens used by such names as Wolfgang Puck, Marriott and Whole Foods Market. A quality brand like that needs a quality shirt, and that’s exactly what LaserPoint’s screen-printing process produces.

Screen-printed shirts are excellent for use in promoting product rollouts, calling attention to company events, branding staff at tradeshows and industry events, identifying in-store staff and more. Basically, whenever you want to catch customers’ eyes with high-quality, snazzy-looking apparel, screen-printing is a wonderful option.

And it’s not just T-shirts that can be used in the screen-printing process. Sweatshirts, bags, baby clothes, athletic pants, backpacks, even posters… the list goes on.

Fun fact: Andy Warhol famously used the process in the 1960s to create artistic posters of Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando, among others.

The screen-printing process, which dates to the Song Dynasty in China more than 1,000 years ago, takes a design and applies it to a polyester mesh screen, one for each color. The item to be printed is placed beneath the screen, and a squeegee is then used to press ink through the screen. The item is dried after each color is applied.

It’s a fairly simple and economical process, used to produce some of the T-shirts you probably have hanging in your closet right now.Screen Printing

You needn’t pay an arm and a leg to get top-notch screen-printed T-shirts for your local small business. LaserPoint, with an office and retail shop in Whatcom County, is available to help.

To create your own snappy T-shirts ― or employee aprons, event volunteer shirts, duffel bags, whatever ― give the experts at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions a call. Owners, Kathy and Randy Cross, can help you produce creative, professional apparel to help grab the attention of customers.



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