Local companies turn to LaserPoint Awards for unique engraving work

Want happy employees? Tell them they’re doing a great job.

One of the best ways to help employees feel fulfilled in their jobs is to recognize the amazing work they do.

Want happy customers? Surprise them by going above and beyond what they expect, treating them with personalized products they can’t get anywhere else.

A great many companies in Whatcom and Skagit counties already are doing just that. They understand the value of employee recognition and customer satisfaction, and many turn to LaserPoint Awards and Promotional Solutions for their engraving expertise in helping get that done.

Employee awards, customer recognition, unique opportunities that only your business can provide — it’s all possible because of the talent of Randy Cross, Whatcom County’s engraving expert, who works with a number of Whatcom and Skagit businesses to engrave employee awards, special gifts for customers and one-of-a-kind personalized memorabilia.

A few general examples:

Skagit County law enforcement: LaserPoint Awards has had a long-running relationship with a couple of law enforcement agencies in Skagit County to engrave recognition awards and other projects.

Whatcom County refinery: LaserPoint Awards has handled a number of items for a refinery in Whatcom County, including these gorgeous, gold-embossed, wooden award boxes for plant managers.

National law enforcement agencies: LPA engraves various items for national law enforcement agencies with offices in Whatcom County, including handsome plaques to commemorate K9 members of the patrol who pass away.

WWU: Soon after it was announced that Carver Gymnasium at Western Washington University would be going under renovation, some people in Western’s Athletics Department had the idea of selling some of the old floor boards as souvenirs. Previous student athletes signed up in droves to have their names and years laser-engraved into a piece of Carver’s historic floor. LPA also handles myriad awards, employee recognition items and special projects for Whatcom County trade schools and community colleges.

The many other companies with which LaserPoint Awards has worked for years are in such categories as chambers of commerce, title companies, law enforcement, drug task forces, cold storage, community events and others. These local, regional and national companies have discovered the value in personally engraved, unique items, whether for personal or promotional use.

Is your business looking for a way to shake things up, to do things differently for your customers and employees? Laser engraving might be just the thing. Call Randy Cross today to discuss ways to surprise your customers and employees with joy.



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