Promo gifts for real estate, banking and title companies

Housing is booming. The Whatcom County real estate market continues to grow, and if you’re a banker, title company, mortgage broker or real estate agent, you’re pretty happy about all of that right now.

But with such a booming market and so much competition, how do you stand out? How do you ensure that your customers stay happy and give you great word-of-mouth recommendations?

Simple: Set yourself apart through amazing customer service.

To stay atop the game in a busy real estate market like what’s going on in Bellingham and Whatcom County right now, savvy businesses will work to ensure that customers are happy and sharing recommendations with friends. And to do that, companies need to pay attention to the details: be quick to respond to needs, ensure that all of your T’s are crossed and I’s dotted, remember customers’ names and important personal details, and give them something to remember you by.

That’s where LaserPoint comes in. As a promotional items business based here in Whatcom County, we have everything you need to make a great impression with customers. Here are just a few things companies involved in Whatcom County real estate might consider.

House-shaped key rings: When you’re handing over the keys to a new buyer, what better way to say you care (and ensure that the customer remembers you) than to put the keys on a high-quality, personalized key ring? This cute house-shaped key ring, at just a few dollars each, is a great option. And here’s another classy key chain option you might consider.

Clip for sticky notes: As we’ve said many times before, customers love promotional items that are useful. This house-shaped combination clip and sticky-note holder certainly fits the bill. It makes a great gift from anyone involved in the real estate business, from title companies to buyers’ agents.

Coffee mug: What good is a new house if you don’t have a beautiful mug in it to drink coffee or tea? Seriously!

Pizza cutter: Kitchen gadgets like pizza slicers make wonderful promo gifts, because they’re things that customers rarely buy but find oh-so-useful when they have them. Count on this pizza cutter being around for years, which translates to a lot of valuable impressions for your business. A brandable bamboo cutting board is another handy option.

Tool set: Every new homeowner needs a set of tools for fixing those simple little things around the house that keep cropping up. When the curtain rod gets loose or the bathroom faucet needs replacing, your customers will be glad they have this tool set — and they’ll thank you for it.

Wifi smart socket: Here’s another great chance to stand out. This wifi outlet plugs into the wall and connects to a home’s Internet connection to allow the plug to be controlled remotely. It’s great for turning lamps on when you’re away, for setting fans to come on at certain times, and much more. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, too, so it can fit seamlessly into the system for customers who already have a smart home setup.

Of course, we have LOTS more ideas like these. Just give us a call here at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions, and we’ll help you brainstorm promotional gifts and other marketing gift items that will help your customers remember you long down the road.