Spring/summer promo items for under $2

The beauty of marketing via promotional products is that messages sent via this method have incredible staying power. Whereas many ads are seen just once or twice, a brand message on a useful promo item can be seen hundreds, even thousands, of times. And not just by the person to whom you give the product.

Marketing’s Rule of 7 states that a person needs, on average, seven contacts with a brand or message before they’ll decide to take action. How many times do you think a customer sees your brand’s logo on a reusable shopping bag, beer pint glass or some other Bellingham promotional product? A heck of a lot more than seven times. Try thousands.

To that end, here are five great promotional items that will be a big hit during spring and summer in Whatcom County — used for months and seen over and over and over!

Stone coaster: Can you really get a high-quality stone coaster with your own customized message for less than $2? Believe it. And not only that, but these ones have a cork backing, can be printed in full color and are packaged individually to make classy customer gifts.

SPF 30 sunscreen: This half-ounce bottle of tropical-scented sunscreen is the perfect size for on-the-go customers. It’s easy to slap on at Boulevard Park, on the golf course or during those last-minute sunbathing sessions or on those days when the clouds clear unexpectedly. Features a fully customizable, full-color decal.

Hackey sack: These classic toys come in seven colors and are perfect for people who’d rather stay active during downtime than play Candy Crush on their phones. Your one-color logo can be printed in multiple places for maximum exposure.

9-inch flyer: It’s hard to imagine summer in Whatcom County without these plastic discs whizzing around. Their popularity in these parts make them excellent promo items; they’re a great item to keep in a backpack or car trunk for on-the-spot fun. (They’re safe for food contact, too, so they can even double as ad-hoc picnic plates!)

Growables planter: These 100-percent organic, sustainable and biodegradable fiber pots are ready to be placed in the soil. Water, air and roots will penetrate the walls of the fertile pot, so all you do is just put it into the ground! The kit includes one soil pod and seed packet. Select from a variety of seeds or get a random assortment.

Wooden seed stakes: These wooden planting stakes are so cool, we couldn’t help throwing in a bonus item. These birch stakes come with seeds attached, so all people need to do is stick them into soil and add water. Perfect for window planters or flower pots, where customers will see your brand all growing season long — especially while they’re checking them daily to see if the seeds have started yet! Available seeds are Marigold, Zinnia, Forget Me Not, Money Plant, Sunflower, Cosmos, Cilantro, Basil, Chives, Dill, Spruce Tree, Catnip and Wheatgrass. Logos and/or messages are printed in full color.

When you’re looking for Whatcom County promo products to help market your small business, or if you need ideas for what to hand out at tradeshows, look no further than LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions! We can help you with any of these items or pretty much any other promotional items you can think of.



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