The value of recognition awards

When it comes to business success, employee recognition is critical.

photo_20160404_114439Studies have shown that 80 percent of employees who have been recognized in the past month feel fulfilled in their work, according to a recent article in Inc. Magazine. Conversely, only 42 percent who haven’t been recognized in two years feel fulfilled.

Recognition helps foster employee loyalty, according to that same article, and it helps co-workers understand that they’re working in a highly skilled environment in which talent and hard work are rewarded.

“People who feel appreciated are more positive about themselves and their ability to contribute,” writes Susan Heathfield in an article for The Balance. “People with positive self-esteem are potentially your best employees.”

annual-presidents-awardOn a community-wide scale, the same principles apply. Business-recognition awards help awardees feel valued in the community, and they help other businesses better understand the overall quality of the local business culture.

LaserPoint Awards is proud to produce awards for a number of community awards programs. Whatcom County is an amazing place to work, and it’s not only because of the incredible beauty of the area. Just consider these awards LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions has been working on recently:

LaserPoint quickly produces a variety of professional awards like this throughout the year, offering a number of styles — marble, crystal, glass, acrylic, photo plaques and more — to ensure that businesses always can have something unique to them.

bpThey can also create special awards like etched wine bottles, custom poker chips, championship belts, coaster sets and even custom bobblehead figures.

It’s always best to plan ahead (don’t worry; LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions is amazing at keeping secrets!), but in those last-minute situations, LaserPoint can turn around an order in as little as a few days.

Whether you’re planning a community-wide recognition event or have a few incredible employees who deserve a pat on the back, consider giving LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions a call. You can also drop by the showroom in Bellingham during normal business hours to look at some inspiring examples.


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