This summer, choose promo items that people will use and enjoy

The best promotional products are the ones that people actually want and use. They’re the ones that people will line up at trade shows for just to get their hands on.

In fact, one study from Promotional Products Association International listed usefulness as the top reason people keep promotional products — and this is true no matter how prominently displayed the company’s logo appears on the item.

What does that mean for you?

Simply, it means that if you can figure out what items most help people enjoy Whatcom County summers, you’re likely to keep your product in their hands for a long time.

Here’s a list of promotional items that are sure to find their way into picnic baskets, backpacks and shoulder bags throughout Whatcom and Skagit Counties this summer:

Nearly unbreakable wine glasses: Perfect for those frequent summer picnics, these blow-molded stemless wine glasses, made of PVC plastic, can be imprinted in one color on one side (included in the price) or in full color on two sides. They are more flexible and less expensive than acrylic, and they’re almost unbreakable. Plus, they’re recyclable, dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Plastic beer pint glasses: Continuing the theme, here’s a plastic pint glass that looks like the real thing but is safe for boating trips and picnics. Bellingham is one of the craft beer capitals of the United States, and that means quality, attractive custom pint glasses are in high demand.

Insulated beverage containers (with straws): Here’s something for the kids. These 16-ounce double-wall tumblers come in a number of bright colors, and the matching straws are a fun incentive for the kids to stay hydrated in the summer heat (yes, even in the Pacific Northwest!). Plus, they’re made with up to 25 percent post-industrial polypropylene.

Collapsible water bottles: OK, here’s something neat. It’s a collapsible, custom water bottle that, when full, offers 21 ounces of cool, refreshing water or other rejuvenating liquid, but when empty collapses to a pocket-sized container that’s easy to transport. Perfect for those summer morning walks. A smaller, 11-ounce version comes with a lanyard.

Cell-phone fans: The Pacific Northwest heat is kinda sneaky. Just when you least expect it, a heat wave rolls in and hangs over Whatcom County like a thick, stuffy blanket. But these pocket fans, powered by your cellphone’s mini USB port, move a surprising amount of air. Customers will love these fans — and they’ll love you for providing them.

Promote your business in creative ways with these useful marketing items that are sure to please. For help with ordering custom promotional products, or for advice on other customer relations gifts, contact LaserPoint Awards and Promotional Services in Bellingham, WA.



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