Top promo products for millennials

One fourth of the United States population — 89.2 people — are millennials. All told, they have $600 billion in spending power, the most of any generation in history.

And what do they rank as the most effective form of advertising?

Promotional products.

That’s right; this huge group of tech savvy young adults are ready and willing to take, use and share promotional products — and that means your Whatcom or Skagit County business can frequently be within eyesight of one of the biggest consumer markets in history.

With that in mind, here are a handful of promo products that hold great appeal for the millennial generation:

Car Vent Holder: It’s now illegal in Washington state to drive with a phone in your hand, so devices like this magnet vent holder are becoming ever more important to people on the go. The sturdy magnets and grippy feet will keep customers’ phones right where they need to be: out of hand but still within sight.

T-shirts: Who doesn’t love a good T-shirt? They’re practical, fashionable and useful. That last point is especially important, because research shows that people don’t really care if a product contains a boldly displayed imprint, as long as the product is useful. LaserPoint offers a huge array of custom, branded T-shirts to choose from, so you’re sure to find what you like.

Cellphone Power Bank: Here’s another product that’s incredibly handy. Power banks offer reserve energy to help prevent people’s phones dying when they’re on the go. A product with your company’s logo on it could provide critical power for snapping wedding photos, sharing numbers with new friends or calling mom at the end of a long day. Nothing makes a good impression like saving a customer’s day, right?

Mini USB Cellphone Fan: These are quite popular, and is it any wonder why? With the heat we’ve been experiencing in NW Washington, these tiny pocket fans are proving to be a huge hit. Great for cooling off while standing in line, typing out some homework at the café or watching the kids roll around at the playground.

Fidget Spinner: If we can have adult coloring books, can’t we also have fidget spinners for grown-ups? Certainly we can, because these are flying off the shelves — and off of trade-show promo tables, too. Not only are they a fun diversion, but they can also be a concentration aid during periods of brain-intensive work.

Eye Mask: Millennials are known for paying attention to their health. Perhaps that’s one reason that products like this fully brandable satin sleep mask are so popular. Hand this out at tradeshows, and your customers will remember you every time they go to sleep.

To chat with a Whatcom County promotional products expert, contact LaserPoint Awards and Promotional Solutions today; we’ll help you figure out what products will best appeal to your target market.



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