Top-quality end-of-year gifts for your absolutely best people

Calendar handouts and branded bag giveaways are common end-of-year customer “thank you” gifts. And those indeed are excellent ideas. But while pens, calendars, bags and the like are long-lasting promotional products that provide an excellent cost per impression, there are other ways to help your business stand out from the crowd.

What options are available if you want to reward your Whatcom County company’s best customers and leave a lasting impression of quality? What if you want to give a gift to your top team members that show them how much they are appreciated?

We’ve collected a handful of popular top-of-the-line promotional gifts for your best clients and employees. These are all about $100 each, give or take a few dollars (well, except for the last item, which is for companies truly looking to make an enormous splash).

High-quality backpack for urban and nature treks: A top-quality backpack like the OGIO Stratagem or Phantom would be well-received end-of-year gifts among customers who like to be out and about. These two packs have quite different looks, so depending on the desires of your customers, one is likely to be a great fit. These are Bellingham promotional products that truly scream “Bellingham!”

High-end cooler camping and beaching in style: The Basecamp Ice Block 20L Cooler is roto-molded for high quality; the cooler is water-tight and, with twice the insulation of a typical cooler, can keep ice solid for days. The cooler has rubber lugs to keep it shut tight (and its contents safe from animals), and its lid contains cup holders for four. Appreciating the quality of the gift, customers will feel appreciated themselves; it’s hard to find a cooler that’s better than this.

Shimmering coffee service for those gray Bellingham mornings: The BIC Graphic Personal Espresso Set would be a true reward for coffee-loving employees, clients or customers. This coffee-brewing set contains a 14-ounce French press and two 10-ounce stainless-steel mugs. The standard imprint on this set includes laser engraving of the mugs. LaserPoint, with its top-of-the-line laser engraving machine, also could etch the glass French press if desired.

Winter wear for enjoying the Whatcom County outdoors: Nothing says that you understand your Pacific Northwest customers than a winter gift of a great-looking fleece-lined jacket. The Eddie Bauer WeatherEdge Plus Insulated Jacket for women and men is a gift sure to hit all the right notes with clients. In Lynden, Ferndale and elsewhere out in the county, these stylish coats will keep clients warm all winter long.

Vale Wi-fi Speaker with Amazon AlexaSmart wi-fi speaker for high-tech ease: “How is my commute this morning?” “Play my favorite music.” “Call LaserPoint so I can order more pens.” The Vale Wi-fi Speaker with Amazon Alexa can connect to smartphones via wi-fi or Bluetooth, and it’s integrated with the Amazon Alexa service. The smart speaker can get up to five hours of playtime on a single charge, with 5-watt output. The speaker also is compatible with iHeart Radio, Amazon Music and Tunein. Or, for a different portable speaker option, consider the ifidelity Wireless Speaker and TruWireless Earbuds. The carrying case for the earbuds is actually a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a charger for the earbuds. A third gorgeous option is the BlueSequoia Alarm Clock With Qi Charging Station And Wireless Speaker. The wood-grain design offers a classy look, and the functionality — alarm clock, wireless speaker, phone charger — is hard to beat.

Moleskine Smart Writing SetHigh-tech gifts for old-school clients: Do you have clients, customers or team members who love the experience of writing by hand? The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is perfect for them. On one hand, it’s a normal paper tablet and ink pen. On the other, it’s a brilliant digital capture device. The technology allows the pen to recognize where it is in the paper tablet and capture each pen stroke. The app transfers notes to the screen in real time. Pretty cool, right? This high-quality promotional gift combines the simplicity of yesteryear with the technology of tomorrow to create a gift that’s truly a hit today.

Stunning beauty for your absolute best customers: This stunning timepiece is so gorgeous we just couldn’t leave it off the list. The Men’s Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Watch has Swiss quartz chronograph movement accurate to within one minute per year. At $4,800, it’s not necessarily a gift for everyone, but perhaps there’s a customer or two on your list who deserves a special gift this time of year?

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts, end-of-year rewards or something else, LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Services is here to help. For assistance ordering any of these brandable promotional marketing gifts or the thousands of others in our catalog, please give Laserpoint a call, send us an email or stop by.