Tradeshow Marketing: Top 5 Promotional Items Under $2

The 2016 trade show season is right around the corner. Whatcom County companies are preparing to showcase their products and services by hosting info tables at upcoming events like these:

We know that promotional items can be used to create a buzz around a business at any event. Sharing the right customized promotional items with event attendees can lead to more consumers stopping by your booth and talking about your business in a positive way.

On the flip side, giving consumers promotional items that they consider useless is a waste of marketing dollars. Giving away the wrong promotional item can have a negative impact on your brand.

If your company is still handing out pens, pocket calendars, key chains or stress balls please continue reading to learn what products are hot with consumers now…and affordable for you.

Top 5 promotional items under $2.

  • PHOTO_20151201_134847Lip balm. Consumers use lip balm year-round in Whatcom County—on the ski slopes in winter and out on the water during summer months. Corporate branded lip balm tubes can be carried in consumer’s pockets, purses and glove boxes for months.
  • Mobile device charger. Who doesn’t need just one more device charger? Perhaps in the car, or on a desk or next to the bed. Personalizing one of these mobile device chargers can be a daily reminder of your company.
  • Custom calendars in Whatcom CountyWall calendar. You may be surprised to hear that in today’s digital age wall calendars are still popular. People still hang them in their kitchen or next to their desk–wall calendars are used as visual reminders for birthdays, family gatherings and vacations. Keep in mind that timing is everything when it comes to handing out custom wall calendars as a promotional item. Distributing one in April will not be as successful as distributing one in November or December.
  • Magnetic clip. With a strong magnet and a tight grip, customized clips find many uses around the home and office. Consumers stick them to file cabinets or refrigerators—both great places for your brand to be seen.
  • Pint glass. It’s true—Bellingham dwellers love beer. A custom pint glass that they may use for years to come could be a great promotional investment.

Love these promotional product marketing ideas? Contact LaserPoint Awards and Promotional Solutions to request free samples of products you’re interested in, or stop by our Bellingham showroom to learn about other options.


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