Useful promo products for tech-savvy customers

We’ve often said here at LaserPoint Awards & Promotional Solutions that the best promo products are the ones people use. If your customer base is tech savvy (and around Bellingham, who isn’t?), then odds are they’ll appreciate a simple, useful product that meets one or more technological needs.

To that end, here are five popular — and useful — pieces of promo swag that could be big hits with your customers.

PopSockets Grip: These are massively popular right now, and versatility is probably the biggest reason for that. PopSockets phone grips can act as media stands, car mounts, finger grips and more. Businesses love them because of the prime real estate they occupy: the back of a cell phone, seen numerous times per day. These can only be used for giveaways, so be sure not to buy them for reselling!

Webcam cover: Are there nefarious folks out there spying on people through their cameras? We’ve all heard the stories. Your customers can ensure they’re safe from prying eyes — on their phones, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles and more — with these slim, stylish and easy-to-use webcam covers. Printing options range from simple one-color logos to full-color, full-bleed masterpieces!

Charging cables: This charging cable key ring is especially useful for tech-savvy travelers. It comes with adapters for Apple 8-pin, micro USB and USB type C ports, which covers most of today’s portable devices. Just plug the other end into a powered USB port and charge away. It comes in eight colors, so you’ll probably find something that works well with your company branding.

Ring phone stand: If the PopSockets device isn’t your speed, the popular ring style phone holder might do the trick instead. Customers can use it as a media stand for propping up their phones, and when they’re on the go, the fold-out finger ring keeps the phone securely in hand. The removable adhesive backing means customers can move the ring to other devices, extending the life of the ring — and getting your logo in front of more eyes.

Ballpoint stylus pen: This pen is old school on one end and new school on the other. It looks (and works) just like a traditional black ink ballpoint pen. At the cap end, though, is a touchscreen stylus handy for use on any touchscreen device. The pen comes in bright green and bright red, and it can be color printed or laser etched. For something even fancier, check out this pen, stylus and highlighter in one!

If you’d like more info on any of these products — or anything else in our extensive catalog — please feel free to give us a call! You can also come visit our showroom on Kelly Road in Bellingham.


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